Learning English


:) The English language features in the daily program of children as early as from their 18 months of age.

:) The English program is in charge of Caroline Collins, an experienced teacher from the USA.

Caroline Collins, BA

Washington University, Bachelor of Arts; Caroline comes from Florida, USA. She is a proficient teacher with many years of experience in children education. A responsible person who always prepares her English program with maximum care. She knows how to attract the children's attention easily by means of creative approach.

:) The Active Learning Method is playful, spontaneous and effective.

:) The approach of the Active Learning Method:

  • Only a relaxed and happy child can fully participate in playing and learning. In the first days of a child’s attendance our teachers pay special attention to overcoming the stress caused by separation from the family and they help the child to integrate into the community of TETTY.
  • All the activities are designed with the focus on individual needs and different level of each child so that all of them can achieve the best results according to their abilities.
  • The English language is systematically cultivated through music, singing, rhymes, dance and rhythmic activities.
  • The Active Learning Method views the child as a whole and awakens in them the desire to learn and discover.
  • The use of project learning makes it possible for children to actively absorb new knowledge, figure things out and participate in learning.

:) The native speaker takes care of children as young as 18 months and older.

:) From 3 years of age the knowledge of the English language is systematically developed on a daily basis.

:) Children of preschool age have alternate lessons in both Czech and English. :)