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What do children need for preschool?

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    Water bottle

    They should have their own bottle that they are able to open and close. If they don't have it or forget it, they will be given bottled water for 20 CZK which must be paid the next day at the nursery office.

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    Slippers for the classroom

    It is necessary to wear appropriate slippers with a full heel. Crocs or flip flops are not suitable for safety reasons. It is ideal if the child can take them off and put them on independently. If slippers are small or damaged, the nursery will inform you.

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    Clothes and footwear for outdoors

    Depending on the weather and the season. Is it raining? Waterproof trousers and wellies. Cold? Warm and waterproof. Girls in dresses should have spare clothes for playing outside so they don't get their clothes dirty.

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    Spare clothes

    For unexpected accidents like spills. Adjust the amount according to the child's needs. If the child is potty training, it is a good idea to bring more spare clothes. Even older children should have spare clothes as they are often working with different materials.

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    Pyjamas and sleep toys

    If your child is having a nap after lunch, they should have their pyjamas and favourite sleep toy.

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    What else?

    Strollers, scooters, bicycles or bicycles can be left in the school's buggy room on request.

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Quality food for your children!

Catering in TETTY

We teach children proper table manners in the program. They get their morning snack between 9:30-10:00 depending on their classroom program. At 12:00 we have lunch and around 14:30 we have an afternoon snack. Weather permitting, we have lunch outside on the patio!
From August 2022 we have a new supplier who supplies us with freshly prepared and cooked food every day.
The menu is available for parents in the Twigsee app.
The supplier offers quality food, great communication and cooks only from fresh ingredients. They have an excellent rating from customers as well as from hygienists and HACCP audits, and we already have great experience with them.
The food is cooked in Hostivice near Prague and delivered in self-heating boxes that maintain the temperature of the food.
The supplier also handles diet and combined lunches, only snacks are limited. At our request, the supplier now offers fresh pastries and sourdough bread from an artisan bakery.



Drinking regime


Communication with parents

What is Twigsee:

  • Enables sharing of important and operational information about the life of the preschool, classes and children.
  • Brings the advantage of two-way communication: parents can inform about changes in contact information or excuse the child directly in the app.
  • Supports sharing information with multiple family members, so grandparents and other family members can keep track of news and photos.

How to get started with Twigsee:

  • Download the app from Google Play or the AppStore.
  • At the beginning of the new school year, you will receive an invitation email with instructions for logging in and choosing a password.
  • After logging in, you will see information and photos from your child’s class.

Other contacts:

Although Twigsee is our main communication channel, we are still available for you in person, by email or by phone. The safety of your children and their data is our priority.

Parents will receive a verbal evaluation of their child at the end of both terms (January, June). This evaluation is also available digitally on Twigsee.


  • The assessment includes information about the child’s progress in various areas of development including pre-math skills, vocabulary, social skills and more.


  • The assessment also highlights the direction of the child’s development and his or her potential in each area.

Portfolios are files documenting a child’s development and progress during the school year. They contain worksheets, drawings and other materials that reflect the child’s progress and abilities.


  • Parents have the opportunity to review their child’s portfolio during in-person or online consultations in late November, March and May.


  • Viewing portfolios is voluntary and can be viewed by arrangement with the class teacher or the school office.

Long-term instrument: 

  • Each child has their own portfolio that grows with them throughout their time at TETTA.

And that's not all

Services for parents

We stay active!

Extracurricular activities

Transport: Providing safe and comfortable transport for children is a priority. When appropriate, we use public transport with older children. It is a good way to teach them independence and how to navigate in the city. Outside of Prague, we use kindergarten cars or buses from a trusted company.

Education for a healthy lifestyle:The program is designed for preschoolers from the Whales class. It tries to inform children about various risks and teach them how to avoid these. The programme is divided into blocks, which allows for systematic and gradual teaching. The use of fairy tales and stories as teaching aids helps children to better understand and identify with the topics discussed.



Reading is crucial for the development of language skills, and in this way the kindergarten motivates children to read regularly. Offering books in different languages broadens children's horizons and prepares them for a multicultural world. Children can borrow books to take home.


These courses, such as ice skating or inline skating, are designed so that during one week of intensive training, children learn basic techniques or improve their existing skills. The courses are always led by a team of professional coaches. It is possible to rent the necessary equipment for most courses.


Each year we offer a wide range of afternoon after-school clubs for children of different ages. These include sports, science, music, education and art clubs. We make sure that the quality of the clubs and teachers is high.


The trips are designed to be as relevant as possible to the topics discussed in kindergarten, making them an attractive and educational addition to regular lessons. Information about planned trips is always available on Twigsee.

Nursery in nature

The children from the Sharks and Killer Whales class go to the nature school every year at the end of May (Monday - Friday).


A small technical university! Children have the opportunity to learn basic technical skills and principles through play and practice. Children will try out what it is like to be an electrician or bridge builder, learn what oil is or build their own model of a sewage treatment plant.


In addition to the educational aspect, these pajama nights are also an opportunity for children to socially integrate and strengthen relationships with their peers. Pyjama nights can serve as a "rehearsal" for children before longer stays away from home, such as a daycare.

  • Examinations are held on the premises of the preschool, providing a comfortable and familiar environment for children.
  • External experts: We work with professional speech therapists and phoniatrists who have extensive experience in this field.
  • Output report: Speech therapy prevention is carried out in the autumn with subsequent evaluation and provision of a report for parents. The report may include recommendations for further care and action.
  • Covered by insurance: For parents, it is advantageous that the cost of the examination is covered by health insurance.
  • For children from 2.5 years: Testing is designed for younger children and is also available for children outside of kindergarten.
  • Output report: The test report can be helpful in choosing a future primary school for your child.
  • Familiar surroundings: Testing takes place in the nursery to minimize the stress of unfamiliar surroundings and help children achieve the best possible results.
  • Benefit for more demanding schools: The report may be useful as an attachment to applications to primary schools with higher admission requirements.
  • Regular visits: Mirka comes every month and has experience cutting hair for children of all ages.
  • Information about dates: You can always find information about the exact dates in advance in the Twigsee app.
  • Communication with the manager: If parents are interested in a haircut, they can contact the manager Tereza and provide details of the desired hairstyle or cut.
  • Payment for the service: The price for the haircut depends on the time spent on the haircut and is determined directly by Mirka.

How does it work here?

Preschool operation

TETTY Preschool welcomes children every weekday, Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm.

The teaching programme starts at 9:00 every day.

We appreciate the cooperation of parents and appreciate it if they respect this schedule for the benefit of all children to help the learning process run smoothly. By 9am, your child should be changed, greeted by classmates and ready to join the morning circle. Morning circle serves not only as a ritual but also as an important educational element in our program. It is very beneficial for the children to participate in the circle every day, as undisturbed as possible.