Enrolment and tuition fees


How can you join us?


Contact us at We will find a time for your personal visit to our preschool. During this visit, which lasts about 1 hour, you will be introduced to the values, approach, methodology and facilities of the preschool and given information about available capacity. You will meet the management in person and have the opportunity to ask questions about anything you are interested in. All serious applicants are treated individually, so we do not hold an open day.

  • We recommend that you inquire about a nursery vacancy well in advance, as capacity fills up very quickly.

  • As a part of registration process we require an interview with both parents of the child. Together, we evaluate the consistency of the approach to education. It is important for us to understand each other.

  • In case of a joint agreement with the parents, the child starts preschool and his/her first month of attendance is considered a trial month. At the end of the first month, we evaluate whether the concept is suitable and appropriate for the child to thrive and reach his/her potential.

How much will you pay?

School fees

Weekly frequency of attendanceHoursTuition fee per month incl. food
2 morning(7:30 – 13:00)11 500 Kč
2 full days(7,30 – 17,00)15 800 Kč
3 morning(7,30 – 13,00)16 200 Kč
3 full days(7,30– 17,00)20 400 Kč
4 morning(7,30 – 13,00)18 700 Kč
4 full days(7,30 – 17,00)24 500 Kč
5 morning(7,30 – 13,00)21 100 Kč
5 full days(7,30 – 17,00)26 400 Kč