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The process of placing children in classes takes into account their age and other skills...

Class layout

Each year the classes change their thematic plans according to the needs of the children. The themes are linked in the Czech and English programmes. For example, Easter is covered more in the Czech programme, while Halloween is covered more in the English programme.


Individual preschool preparation.

Emphasis on speech therapy.

Working with gifted children

Excellent outputs in Czech and English.

Whales 5 - 5,9/6,9years


Work in small groups.

Development of the child’s talent and interest areas.

Multicultural environment.

Sharks 4 - 4,9years


An above-standard number of teachers for the number of children in the class.

Individual adaptation of each child according to his needs.

Developing types of activities.

Dolphins 2,5 - 3,9years



years of experience



schoolchildren total







Nursery operation

TETTY Nursery welcomes children every weekday, Monday to Friday, from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. The educational programme starts at 9:00 every day. We appreciate the cooperation of parents and if they respect this schedule for the benefit of all children to help the learning process run smoothly. By this time, your child should be changed, say hello to his/her classmates, and ready to participate in morning circle time. Morning circle serves not only as a ritual but also as an important educational element in our program. It is important for the children to participate in the circle every day, as undisturbed as possible.

Sports courses, interest groups and trips...

Extracurricular activities

  1. Sport courses

    These courses, such as ice skating, cycling or inline skating, are designed so that during one week of intensive training, children learn basic techniques or improve their existing skills. The courses are always led by a team of professional coaches. It is possible to rent the necessary equipment for most courses.

  2. Afternoon activities

    Each year we offer a wide range of afternoon after-school clubs for children of different ages. These include sports, science, music, education and art clubs. We make sure that the quality of the clubs and teachers is high.

  3. Thematic trips

    The trips are designed to be as relevant as possible to the topics discussed in kindergarten, making them an attractive and educational addition to regular lessons. Information about planned trips is always available on Twigsee.

  4. Technical University

    Children have the opportunity to learn basic technical skills and principles through play and practice. Children can try out what it is like to be an electrician or a bridge builder, learn what oil is or build their own model of a sewage treatment plant.

  5. Primary prevention

    Education for a healthy lifestyle: The program is designed for preschoolers in the Whales class. It seeks to inform children about various risks and teach them how to avoid them. The programme is divided into blocks, which allows for systematic and gradual teaching.

  6. Pajama night

    Social action: in addition to the educational aspect, these nights are also an opportunity for children to socially integrate and strengthen relationships with their peers. Preparation for longer trips: Pyjama nights can serve as a 'rehearsal' for children before longer trips away from home, such as a school in nature.

  7. Preschool in nature

    Children from the Sharks and Whales class can go to the Preschool in nature every year at the end of May (Monday - Friday). Participation is voluntary. For those who stay we provide a programme in Tetty. Hands-on learning: nature offers endless opportunities for exploration and learning, and this is how children gain hands-on experience.

  8. Library

    Encouraging reading: reading is key to the development of language skills and in this way the nursery encourages children to read regularly. We encourage a diversity of books: offering books in different languages broadens children's horizons and prepares them for a multicultural world. Children can borrow books to take home.

New supplier and new canteen!

Catering in TETTY

We teach children proper table manners in the program. They get their morning snack between 9:30-10:00 depending on their classroom program. At 12:00 we have lunch and around 14:30 we have an afternoon snack. Weather permitting, we have lunch outside on the patio!



Drinking regime

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Essential information


At TETTY, we strive to provide quality preschool education to children and their families. We believe that in addition to traditional knowledge, it is important to develop competencies such as logical thinking, communication skills, empathy and quick adaptation to changing conditions.


  • Individual approach – We understand that every child is unique. That's why we encourage an individual approach and tailored learning, allowing your child to discover and develop their strengths at their own pace. The teachers continually monitor each child's progress and needs. We always ensure that each member of the team understands and supports individual children according to their current needs.

  • Harmony between home and preschool – We believe in the importance of harmony between the home environment and the preschool. That's why at TETTY we look for families who share our values and perspectives on education and life.

Marie Nováková

I'm satisfied!

Great attitude!


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    Sanae, mum of Hisashi

    Dear Tetty, the last day has finally come. Thank you very much for your kindness. My son Hisashi has grown so much with you! I was always amazed by your child assessment how observant it was. Tetty’s teachers are very kind and reliable so I could always leave my son at ease. Hisashi is going to Japanese school from April but he will be back to Tetty in July for your amazing summer program!

When did it all start?

History of our nursery

TETTY preschool was founded in 1999 as one of the first preschools in the Czech Republic to teach in English. In 2009 we took it over just before bankruptcy and restarted it.